Baby Hadley

I don’t know if Miss Hadley’s personality could be any sweeter.  She was so amazing during our session, she slept the ENTIRE time and… **bonus**…  she kept flashing the cutest little smiles here and there.  A perfect little newborn model!

She is so loved by her mom & dad, and of course her older twin siblings!

Here are just a few of my favorites from our session.


1w3a5826 1w3a5851 1w3a5865 1w3a5867-copy
1w3a5889 1w3a5891 1w3a5898-copy 1w3a5908 1w3a5930 1w3a5934 1w3a5943 1w3a5948 1w3a5950 1w3a5973 1w3a6013 1w3a6018 1w3a6038 1w3a6048 1w3a6053 1w3a6055 1w3a6061 1w3a6080 1w3a6082 1w3a6086 1w3a6088-2 1w3a6094 1w3a6097 1w3a6107 1w3a6115 1w3a6126 1w3a6130 1w3a6141 1w3a6154 1w3a5749 1w3a5751 1w3a5727 1w3a6167 1w3a6177 1w3a6184

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